Important Notice Regarding Returns Filing

Kindly Re-File your returns for 2014-2015 Jan-Mar & 2015-2016 Apr-Jun quarter due to New Tax Rate changes.

Important notice regarding tax rate

The rates of tax have been changed from 01st January 2015 in following manner:

Sl. No.DescriptionExisting RateNew Rate
1Bullions, Gold & Silver Ornaments, Platinum Jewellery and Precious Stones as listed in Schedule – II under Section 12 of the SVAT Act, 20051 %1.1 %
2All goods listed in Schedule – III under Section 12 of the SVAT Act, 2005 other than the declared goods as listed vide serial no. 34.4 %4.5 %
3All industrial inputs and information technology products listed in Schedule – IV under Section 12 of the SVAT Act, 20054 %4.5 %
4All goods listed in Schedule – V under Section 12 of the SVAT Act, 2005.12.5 %13.5 %
5Tobacco and all its products including cigarettes and chewing tobacco, other than beedi leaves and raw tobacco as listed in Schedule – VI under Section 12 of the SVAT Act, 200520 %22 %
6All types of liquors, beers and other alcoholic drinks20 %25 %

Important notice regarding local sales tax rate change

The rate of tax will be changing from 01st March 2015 for the following goods:

Sl. No.DescriptionExisting RateNew Rate
1Motor Spirit20%25%
2High Speed Diesel10 %15%



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