Important Notice Regarding PAN

The Goods and Services Taxes will soon replace the current indirect taxes as one of the biggest tax reforms in the country. The dealers will be issued with the PAN based 15 digit registration under GST regime. As part of the preparation for migration of existing dealers of Goods and Services Tax (GST), the Permanent Account Number (PAN) will have to be provided to the office of the Commercial Taxes Division, Gangtok.

Therefore, all Registered Dealers are hereby requested to submit PAN with their respective tax authority latest by 15th of July,2016. The dealer failing to submit the PAN will not be migrated to GST System as migration to GST is one time process.


Important notice regarding local sales tax rate change

The recent revisions of rate on sale of petrol and diesel were as under:

Sl. No.DescriptionRate till 31-3-16Rate during 1-4-16 to 30-9-16Rate from 1-10-16
1Motor Spirit25%27%25%
2High Speed Diesel15 %17.5%12.5%

Important notice regarding tax rate

The rates of tax have been changed from 01st January 2015 in following manner:

Sl. No.DescriptionExisting RateNew Rate
1Bullions, Gold & Silver Ornaments, Platinum Jewellery and Precious Stones as listed in Schedule – II under Section 12 of the SVAT Act, 20051 %1.1 %
2All goods listed in Schedule – III under Section 12 of the SVAT Act, 2005.4 %4.5 %
3All industrial inputs and information technology products listed in Schedule – IV under Section 12 of the SVAT Act, 20054 %4.5 %
4All goods listed in Schedule – V under Section 12 of the SVAT Act, 2005.12.5 %13.5 %
5Tobacco and all its products including cigarettes and chewing tobacco, other than beedi leaves and raw tobacco as listed in Schedule – VI under Section 12 of the SVAT Act, 200520 %22 %
6All types of liquors, beers and other alcoholic drinks20 %25 %


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